NComputing M300 3 in 1 Thin Client Kit

NComputing M300 3 in 1 Thin Client Kit price in hyderabad, telangana, nellore, andhra pradesh

NComputing M300 3 in 1 Thin Client Kit Price in Hyderabad

  • Brand: NComputing
  • Number Of Users: Up to 45 Users per Host
  • Ethernet Connect ed: Connect at distance with Ethernet
  • Numo 2 SoC: Second generation Numo device provides full screen video streaming
  • Size: Primary client 160mm(w) x 120mm(d )x 35mm(h), Satellite client: 120mm(w) x 99mm(d) x 33mm(h)
  • Weight: M300 primary client device: 0.21 kg / 0.46 lbs, M300 satellite client device: 0.12 kg / 0.26 lbs
  • Power supply: Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Output: 12 VDC, 1.5 A, Nominal power consumption: ~6 W (without peripheral USB devices)
  • Video Resolution: From 800x600 to 1440x900 up to 24-bit color support
  • Audio: Stereo output via speaker port
  • Microphone: Microphone audio input via port
  • US B Mouse & Keyboard: Stacked USB ports support Mouse and Keyboard devices (HID devices)
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