WatchGuard Firebox T55 Wireless Firewall

WatchGuard Firebox T55 Wireless Firewall price in hyderabad, telangana, nellore, andhra pradesh

WatchGuard Firebox T55 Wireless Firewall Price in Hyderabad

  • Includes a one (1) year standard support licence subscription
  • Boosts five (5) Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 LAN interfaces
  • No need to compromise protection for strong performance or vice versa
  • Support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and Gigabit WAN connections
  • Best-of-breed security components into one platform for stronger security at big cost savings
  • Firewall throughput up to 1Gbps and VPN throughput upto 360Mbps to keep traffic moving
  • Brings enterprise-level network security to small offices and retail environments
  • Cloud-based RapidDeploy technology taking the delay out of the firewall deployment process
  • Allows small businesses to have access to enterprise-grade security
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